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The 5 Best Nightclubs in Singapore

Top 5 clubs in Singapore

When the word goes to sleep, that’s when after party comes alive in Singapore.  From formal outfits and after meetings, they reveal themselves to their free merriment self in their desired vivacious entertainment hub. The night gets younger specially during weekends, and yes – you can just say you’re ciaos to your good night sleep as you live your life to the fullest that so very night.

Any party lovers or those visiting club crawlers can seek lots of entertainment of drinks and dance at any of the clubs in Singapore- as there’s plenty of them to choose from. Somehow a rather, each clubs in Singapore are born with their own charm and magnificence that just aims to melt each and every clubbers to the ambiance of hardcore partying.  So hereby we list you the top 5 clubs in Singapore that’s super worth it to stay up the whole night partying with full of randomness via the best DJs in town.

1.       ZOUK Singapore

The mother of all clubs and is still going splendidly solid. Quoted as the Epic Dance Party, ZOUK’s music would just sweep you off your feet with all its top most DJ’s around the globe coming here to spin its best of the bestest hits. Being an award winning club, ZOUK always gives you a world-class partying feel in just one spot via its amazing lighting’s and best clubbing numbers.  With an open- minded crowd from various parts of the town and the music, ZOUK indeed brings in magic every night to all party lovers.

2.       1-Altitude

Located above a 60 story building, 1 -Altitude offers not only a killing music, but a splendid view of Singapore to die for. The atmosphere here its so vibrant and all you can think of when your here, is to dance yourself out till morning. With some drinks to enjoy with your company of people, you can not only enjoy the music but also have some free-flowing conversations without having to yell at one another. 1-Altitude offers an intimate yet open atmosphere that makes its lover hailing back for more.

3. Attica

Looking for a vibrant crowd from various parts of the world, then this is the place to be. Positioned at the most popular spot in Clake Quay Singapore, Attica offers simply variety of everything. Divided into two floors, the downstairs is the place for all R&B lovers to be with the flash of lights and immersing beats of the top 40s hits.The up floor of Attica offers you a total luxurious concept with Electro, House and Trance playing in the background. Attracting a wholesome of crowd from the young, stylish and beautiful locals as well as expats, Attica is the perfect place to mingle freely and enjoy the latest hits in town.

4. Avalon

Positioned near the luxury and breathtaking site of Marina Bay Sands, Avalon is trademarked for its huge dance parties among all localities and party lovers from various parts of the globe. Avalon has one the hugest dance floors that u can definitely dance your way out without hitting into somebody every one minute. With hosting of many high profile events and performance in the crib, Avalon has indeed managed to capture the crowd with its varieties of latest tunes played by the famous DJs in town. Avalon has one of the most unique club designs with the majestic like boardwalk front way that would want you to talk a walk with your lover in enjoying the whole view from there.

5. Home Club

If your looking for something more bizarre from the usual clubs, then Home Club is the right crib to drop by at. Giving u a more underground feeling, Home Club always comes up with thrilling events from live music performances to some stand-up comedy shows to give their party lovers a laid back time besides tuning just to the loud beats. You can also get your drinks here at some really good price during their Happy Hours – so no regrets if your would like to drink till drown then.

So get on the spring, put on your most sexiest stylish outfits, and go out to the clubs to kill everyone with your swag and dance!  So get up and book your flights using Expedia.com.sg today and use Hotels.com Singapore discount code to get the budget hotels in Singapore at Hotels.com.


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